Missoma Jewellery

Missoma Jewellery are a jewellery company based in London, England. They produce a range of high value goods including necklaces, Rings, Earrings and bracelets.

They were recently put in the limelight after Meghan Markle was seen multiple times wearing the brand of jewellery. Unusual for a princess as this jewellery is significantly cheaper than other known brands you might expect her to wear.

New Security

New Security designed, manufactured and installed an SR3 rated High security door for Missoma.

It was made from a strong twin-walled steel slatted curtain with concrete fixings and steel compression fixings to either side.

The shutter doors curtain, as well as naturally locking into place when driven down, It used Bullet locks to secure the curtain in place making attack from lift an absolute impossibility.

What does SR3 mean?

This means that the Shutter door has been tested and approved to the Loss prevention certification boards LBCP high standards to achieve a security rating. These range from SR1 being the lowest, right up to SR8. The longer the shutter door can withstand attack from a burglar with basic hand tools, the greater the rating it can achieve.