Fire rated roller shutter installed in Northampton, Sol Centre.

February has been a busy one for us here at New Security. This is a great example of the lengths we can go to to get the job done.

New Security installed this 7 metre wide fire shutter on the 2nd floor of the Sol centre complex in Northampton earlier this month.

This was a huge challenge logistically to get the 7 meter wide barrel from the ground floor delivery bay, carried by 8 men up the 2 sets of escalators to the building site entrance with minimal disruption to other businesses and shoppers.

Northampton Sol Centre


From sketches to reality…

This job was on a soon to open trampoline park. When our engineers fist turned out to do a site survey, there was little to measure as openings had not yet been created. We leased directly with structural engineers to install a 100×100 box section goal post frame spanning the clear opening of 7m. This allowed us to install our fire rated roller door directly to this steel frame.

New Security provides drawings and technical advice free of charge and is willing to lease with electricians, structural engineers and architects to ensure a great job and a happy client.


The Fire shutter…

The fire officer that had reviewed the designs for the trampoline insisted on a fire barrier to be created. The New Security Fire shutter did just that.

Upon daily use, the fire shutter is no different to  regular electric roller shutter. It acts essentially as a usual shutter creating a strong physical security barrier when the park is closed. The door differs in the event of a fire.


When the fire alarm activates, the Audio Visual warning panel begins to sound and flash to all near by people, it is then delayed for 190 seconds to allow people to get out of the way. The door then comes down on a controlled gravity release slowly to form a fire proof barrier that will protect the rest of the shopping centre and visa versa.

A 7 meter Fire rated roller shutter installed in the Sol Centre in Northampton by New Security. Powder coated finish in orange.