Fire Resistant Shutters

Fire shutters lessen the damage that might otherwise result from a fire at a business. Because of their significant role in compartmentalisation, fires may be kept within a designated region, lowering the risk to people and property. They provide an additional layer of security, help fulfil construction codes and business risk assessments, and can even save insurance costs.

Many business owners consider the price of fire shutters to be negligible in comparison to the expense of fire damage to their building.

Fire Rated Shutters…

1, 2, & 4 hour fire rated shutters to BS 476:Part 22

Fire Curtains

Isolating high risk areas, ensuring safe escape

Steel Security & Fire Exit Doors

Upto 4 hours fire rated, high security & available in wide range of colours…

The Law Around Fire Safety Shutters In The Workplace

You are classified as the “responsible person” in England and Wales if you are an employer, owner, landlord, or occupier of a company or other non-domestic premises.

The Fire Safety Order, which is implemented by your local fire and rescue authority, imposes specific obligations on you as the responsible party. In order to eliminate or significantly decrease the risk to life, it is a legal need to implement and maintain suitable and effective fire safety measures. If fire safety laws are not followed, you may be subject to a fine or possibly jail time.

Government regulations acknowledge the necessity of fire shutters. They advocate placing catering facilities, especially those with deep fat fryers, in separate buildings in their risk evaluation for stores and offices. They “should be segregated from the rest of the structure by fire resistive architecture” but, in many circumstances, this is not feasible. As a result, kitchens and canteens frequently incorporate fire shutters into their architecture.

Fire Doors, Shutters & Fire Curtains

Our fire protection shutters and doors not only act as a means of security during normal everyday use but also create a fire resistant barrier. To protect your business, employees & customers New Security is able to supply and install fire resistant shutters that are available in 3 integrity ratings 60, 120 or 240 minutes. Fire shutters and fire doors provide valuable time to evacuate your property in the unlikely event of a fire and help to prevent the spread of fire to other areas of the building.
All fire shutters, doors and fire curtains are fully compliant to the latest British Standards.

They can be used anywhere, not only in high-risk areas with evident risks. They may be utilised everywhere as they limit the spread of fire inside a building. For instance, sealing off both ends of a hallway will stop flames from spreading to adjacent spaces. Fire shutters can be erected outside, exactly like conventional roller shutters, even though they are often only needed within.

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The Benefits of a Fire Shutter