3-Phase High Speed & Automation

New Security Ltd can offer 3-phase operation to a range of products including; New SecurityRapid, New SecurityShield 75,77,100 and  all of our overhead sectional doors.

GFA Elektromen 3-Phase High Speed motor fitted to our Rapid Roller Doors as standard. These offer the most reliable automated and quiet operation currently on the market.

What is  3-Phase operation?

3-Phase electric operation is specifically designed for industrial use. This utilises 410v 3-phase electric rather than the standard 240v mains electric. Moreover this means our industrial motors can lift bigger doors much faster and smoother than using a standard powered motor.

Why choose 3-phase?

Choose a 3-Phase motor if your door is going to be used frequently and you need uninterrupted, reliable access. This is Ideal for factories, Workshops and warehouses where forklift trucks or delivery’s are frequent.


As standard with a 3-Phase driven door we will set it up with one press open and hold to run close. This allows ease of operation when opening, but also offers safety when closing. If you however need the door to operate by ‘one press open/close’ or via sensors then we can fully automate your door with ease by using Induction Loop systems, Radar Control, Remote or Pull Cords/Switches. These are ideal as you only need to approach the door for it to open. Handy if your in a vehicle!

Safety Within Automation

Automation is great. It makes modern day living incredibly effortless. Unfortunately, it can present us with challenges when it comes to health and safety. Here at New Security, This is our first priority. New Security only uses the highest quality of safety devices to use in conjunction with its doors. These include Optical safety edges, Photo-Reflective sensors and emergency cut off switches. to find out a little more about each device, please continue to read!

Where does the law stand on automation health and safety?

The Machinery Directive, Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 is a European Union directive concerning machinery and certain parts of machinery. This piece of legislation guides us on the standards we need to achieve in order to manufacture a product which has a motorised drive system attached.

Click here to find out more about the machinery Directive.

To comply with Regulation 5 of the workplace (Health & Safety welfare) Regulations 1992, regular inspection and maintenance of your roller shutter doors is essential to ensure that your shutter remains in full working order throughout its service life.

Failure to keep the door regularly maintained may result in failure of the shutter & prosecution in the event of an accident.

Prompt service & repairs will avoid unnecessary stress on components which could lead to premature wear or failure.

Click here to find out more about Regulation 5 of the workplace (health and safety welfare) Regulations 1992

The Door and Hardware Federation, DHF also have lots of guidance and advice on how to copy with the relevant laws.