Another big industrial contract came New Security’s way in the midst of 2019. We started out by fitting 5 fire rated shutters for Bowmer & Kirkland building contractors on the brand new Amazon warehouse being erected in Leeds.

It was a 3 day job for the one team of fitters, these fire shutters will come down automatically with the fire alarm system at the warehouse to create a fire barrier that is tested to last.

One of the shutters over a door way used an audio visual warning panel to warn people passing through that the door was going to close after a delayed amount of time.

This world leading control panel offers Audio and visual warning with 2 stage closing and delay features.

All shutters were provided with a battery back up unit to ensure that even with a power failure, the shutters would still be driven down in the event of a fire.

The shutters over windows to the offices were able to come down straight away in the event of a fire due to there being no risk of crushing or entrapment.

Over all a nice professional installation in an industrial setting.