Tree top adventure chooses New Security

Tree top adventure golf chose New Security Ltd to be the designers and installers of a large fire shutter on the front of their premises in the well known St.Davids Centre in Cardiff.

After consultation and survey with the client, a design was agreed for a fire shutter that would span the width of the entrance and create a fire wall in the event of a fire alarm. This would stop the spread of fire throughout the rest of the shopping centre or protect the gold premises from fire elsewhere in the shopping centre.

The fire shutter was electric, connected to the fire alarm for a controlled audio visual delay and used a keyswitch for normal daily use as a roller security shutter.

Thats the beauty of a fire rated roller shutter. For all intensive purposes it is a normal security shutter. It is only in the event of a fire alarm that this product shines as a fire shutter.

It has been tested and approved to the latest regulations and fire certification, meaning that it has an integrity rating of either 1,2 or 4 hour hour.

Fire Tested Shutter

Another safe premises and happy customer.