The Commercial Victimisation Survey published in 2013, estimated 9.2 million incidents of crime were committed against businesses in 2012. 84% of all incidents reported were in the retail and wholesale sector.
The cost of crime in 2012-2013 to UK Retail is staggering. Robbery/ burglary accounted for £120 million an increase of 5% on the previous year and Criminal Damage accounted for £81 million a whopping 25% increase.
Unfortunately UK Businesses are burgled everyday with robberies happening every 38 seconds, with commercial property a prime target for criminals. Whether it be the theft of money, stock, equipment or even important documents it can be a stressful and time consuming process to get your company back up and running.


One of the most effective ways to prevent property crime is to make the property itself as secure as possible, creating an unwelcome delay to the intruder. Planning in quality physical security from the outset is an investment worth making and is usually much cheaper and easier than adapting a property at a later date. The robustness of windows and doors through the installation of security roller shutters, steel doors, security window bars and security gates should not be compromised as a means of deterring the criminal. Well designed, physical security products will quickly pay dividends by reducing criminal damage, theft and ultimately insurance premiums.


Steel doors make unlawful entry significantly more difficult. Steel doors are manufactured in various sizes to fit a range of structural openings. New Security’s steel security doors are filled with 60mm rockwool, providing excellent strength, durability and thermal properties. Security doors are available in white, light grey or olive green and have a U value of 1.4. with our standard steel door sizes available for immediate dispatch.


Security roller shutters provide a high level of security to both windows and doors and can be used in a variety of applications protecting homes, commercial properties and industry. Security roller shutters are manufactured from galvanised steel or if stronger security is required heavy duty aluminium. External roller shutters can be powder coated to integrate with the property and the surrounding area.
To allow light and create a more aesthetic appearance, especially in pedestrian shopping areas, transparent or perforated security roller shutters should be considered. Research into town centers that have been redeveloped, using improved lighting and transparent roller shutters, overall crime rates have been found to be dramatically reduced.


An alternative and cost effective solution to security roller shutters are fixed and removable window bars. These window bars are ideal on offices that require medium security but allow natural daylight to stream through. Security window bars are ideal on vulnerable windows on the back of properties especially smaller windows.
Security grilles and gates provide an exceptionally strong security barrier when locked into position. Security grilles again allow light through and are unobtrusive in design as they are retractable during the day and can be easily hidden behind a curtain. These security gates are ideal in larger openings as they can be manufactured to fit any structural openings.


Local development control officers may impose formal planning conditions requiring the use of security enhanced doors and windows such as those referred to by Secured by Design. Secured by Design is the UK Police Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) flagship initiative supporting the principles of “designing out crime” by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications. These security products are an extremely effective, image enhancing and cost effective way of creating physical security.
The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively. The LPCB work with insurers, police, designers, manufacturers, contractors and end users to develop methods by which product performance and reliability can be assessed. All the products approved by the LPCB have been subjected to rigorous testing to assess their resistance to deliberate attack. New Security is proud to be able to supply a range of security roller shutters, security gate and roller garage doors that have been LPCB approved.


The New SecurityShield 3801 is an insurance approved security shutters tested to Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1. Unlike other certificated shutters, New SecurityShield 3801 uses a 38 mm double-walled extruded aluminium slat, which coils very tightly into a range of compact boxes (165 mm-250 mm), minimising their visual impact. Local Planning Officers often request this as a requirement for commercial and domestic installations where aesthetic considerations are paramount. Although supplied in either white or brown as standard, the New SecurityShield 3801 Roller Shutter can be powder coated to reflect corporate colours if desired.

New SecurityShield 7501 is tested and approved to Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1. This security roller shutter is manufactured from strong single skin galvanised steel and is available both solid and perforated. It can span widths up to 6000mm, can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour to intergrate with its surroundings and offers medium security for offices, commercial and industrial properties.


The high security New SecurityShield 1001 is tested and approved to LPS 1175-1. The security gate can be easily fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door and can be supplied in a single or double-sash configuration. The security gate offers exceptional security via a multi-point locking system operated from a single key. The bottom track can, as an optional extra, be made to fold up leaving doorways unobstructed and are supplied in high quality white powder coated finish as standard. These retractable gates are ideal security over patio doors for the home or for larger structural openings in commercial and industrial properties.


Garages are often the most common entry means for burglars to break into homes. Tested to the rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard, the New SecurityGlide Excel Roller Garage Door is certified to resist timed manual attacks that mimic common burglary methods using commercially available tools such as knives, levers and screwdrivers. Upon closing, the aluminium slats firmly interlock, resisting attempts to break through or lift the door by force. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of its guide rails, the Excel roller garage door also features unique bottom slat anchors. In addition, steel end plates and the curtain webbing assembly system also contribute to the security rating. To ensure your roller garage door fully complements your home the New SecurityGlide Excel roller garage door is available in a choice of seventeen paint or wood-effect finishes and over forty textured woodgrain finishes .


Unfortunately burglaries and criminal damage are an everyday occurrence costing UK homes and businesses millions each year. Investing in effective physical security products will help to deter intruders from entering properties unlawfully and will ultimately reap rewards in reducing crime, emotional stress, time and insurance premiums. For further help and advice on how to effectively secure your home or business please call the New Security team free on 0800 133 7044 or email us at