Over the last few weeks we have received numerous requests for retractable security gates for a variety of applications due to their versatility. We have fitted retractable security gates to homes across the country especially on vulnerable patio doors and low level windows and because they are retractable and can be bunched back behind curtains they are completely unobtrusive during the day but the multi-point locking system ensures maximum security in the night or when you are away from home. Retractable security gates are also available in an attractive S lattice design and in a wide range of colours so you can choose a colour to match the decor of your home.

The New SecurityGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gate provides high level security for retail doorways and windows and if you need a Security gate that has been approved by the LPCB then the New SecurityGuard 1001 has been both police and insurance approved. The gate can be custom built for any opening and comes with an option of a removable bottom track for ease of use for doors during the day

If cost is a consideration then we have also fitted the Expanda Retractable security gate to homes and offices. The Expanda gate offers medium security and is available in 7 standard widths and heights of 2 or 2.5 meters. The diamond mesh collapsible gates comes with no top tracks but can be added as an optional extra. Take a look at the one we fitted to a basement apartment in Edinburgh.


A new business adventure, Pedals & Spokes, in Adlington Chorley in Lancashire required security for the front entrance doorway. They opted for the gate to be hinged aside with a removable bottom track to make for easy access during trading hours. The retractable gate was powder coated brown RAL 8014 to co-ordinate with the shop’s woodwork. Good luck with the new business.


A country house in Pitlochry Perth is currently under a complete refurbishment and our clients required a retractable security gate for a low level window. The retractable gate is ideal for windows as they provide exceptionally strong security via a multi-point locking system and can be fully retractable by being bunched aside to allow visibility and light. If access is not required we can even fit them with a fixed sash.


Patio windows and doors are exceptionally vulnerable to burglary as was the case for a young couple in Stockport Manchester. They had already taken measures to secure their home but used an inferior, cheaper product which the burglars just ripped from the wall. At New Security we only install custom made retractable security gates to ensure a perfect fit. We will always try to fit your security gate into the reveal of the wall for enhanced security and the multi-point locking system from a single key gives complete peace of mind. The retractable security gate is available in a large range of colours so can be easily co-ordinated with the rest of your home, the attractive steel S lattice is unobtrusive in design and it can be fully retractable and disguised behind curtains during the day.

As you can see from the pictures above the New SecurityGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gate neatly folds back during the day or when not in use and can be hidden from view behind curtains. Another vulnerable area of the home is often kitchen windows or back doors that have an integral glass panel. For a home in Edinburgh we recommended a retractable security gate, powder coated in white to match the surrounding decor & a diamond mesh grille also in white for the glass panel.

Insurance Approved Retractable Security Gates

For enhanced burglary protection the New SecurityGuard 1001 is tested & approved to Loss Prevention Standard 1175 security Rating 1 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. This is the UK’s leading independent certification body covering products, installers and installations in the fire and security sectors. The enhanced security is achieved through the use of an advanced 4 point locking system and unique patented assembly system. These retractable security gates we fitted for a client in Cumbria on his new shop in The Lake District. As with the New SecurityGuard 1000 retractable security gate they can be supplied with a folding bottom track for ease of use during trading hours.

Expanda Retractable Security Gates

The New Security range of Expanda Retractable Security Gates provides a high visual deterrent and is a cheaper alternative to the New SecurityGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gate for those customers on a strict budget. It has an attractive diamond lattice design, comes in white and can be used across almost any size or shape of opening. It has a trackless system but top tracks can be fitted for enhanced security if need be, can be fully retractable and hinged aside for ease of use. It is an ideal solution to enhance security for the home.

These Expanda Retractable Gates were fitted for a property in Edinburgh that wanted discreet security & to blend in with the beautful sash windows

The Expanda gates we fitted for a beautiful home in Buckingham provided security, peace of mind and were visually appealing. The gates are very versatile and discreetly fitted over windows, doorways, patio doors and french windows.

Yarin in Edinburgh wanted to secure personal belongings in a basement flat in Edinburgh but was also on a tight budget. New Security suggested the Expanda retractable security gate which is ideal for internal applications.

Yarin was made up with her new Expanda gate “Jut a wee note to say thank you very much for the security gate fitted at the flat, I’m tickled pink with it! I’m sure it wasn’t the biggest job for you but you have really put my mind at rest.”

Thank you Yarin, I’m so pleased that we have helped to take the stress out of leaving your personal possessions when you are out of town.

Expanda Retractable Security Gates For Office Windows

The Expanda Retractable Security Gate is also ideal for securing vulnerable windows in offices that contain valuable computers and stock. They allow light to stream in, are easy to use and provide a visual deterrent when the offices are closed. An ideal cost effective alternative to roller shutters and the New SecurityGuard 1000 Retractable Security Gate

Expanda Security Barrier System

The Expanda can also be used as a free standing post system. This gate is ideal if you have a large opening that you wish to secure or cordon off. The Emergency Services Training Centre in Liverpool needed the rapid response helicopter to be secured from members of the public to comply with Health & Safety. The gate expanded widths upto 7800mm had a swing aside facility, shoot bolts and self-supporting wheeled carriers.