Heritage and Conservation

The Leeds Library was founded in 1768 and is the oldest surviving example of a proprietary Library in the United Kingdom. This is a type of library that is not public, but owned and ran by its members.


New Security secures the Library

Being in the city centre, the library had a problem with rough sleepers and drunks both sleeping and urinating in the recess area at the front of the building.

They were desperate to secure it and prevent this from happening further but were faced with a backlash of the local council authority and planning departments because of the listed building status.

They went to many companies which could only offer them robust aggressive looking security such as gates, bars and steel shutters. When we were approached we saw the issue that both the library and council had and leased with both parties to come up with the perfect solution.

The New SecurityVision 2020.

This roller shutter is concealed in the day up in the soffit above the shop, operated by remote control (So it can’t be messed with by in the day like a keyswitch could) and is made from a clear polycarbonate plastic material which is both strong and appealing to the eye.

In the day, the 2020 can not be seen at all, except for the small runners that blend in with the window frames, and at night when the shutter is closed it provides tough security but with a massive 95% vision making it almost invisible when in use.

Another happy client.

Leeds Library