Reliable Security

New Security has installed 3x aluminium roller roller shutters on different business’s within Gromlech Business park near Pwlleli.

The New SecurityShield 3800 series comes in White, Black, Brown and Cream as standard! They opted for the brown as it matches the aluminium door and window frames already installed on the units.

We installed a mixture of both manual and electric shutters.

The manual shutters were spring and lock operated, meaning they could be lift from the bottom with the help of s spring to make the door light and they could be pulled down in a controlled manner and locked with a strong centre lock at night.

The electric shutters were operated via an athena remote control. You can programme up to 40 fobs with these meaning it wasn’t a problem with the high numbers of staff that needed access to the shutter.

These also featured an external lockable manual override facility. This means that should there be a power cut, the user can remove the locked cover, and wind the shutter up in an emergency or until the power is restored to the building.

A tidy install, word of mouth spread across the industrial estate and we ended up going from fitting one, to many of these shutter doors.