To the untrained eye these two products might seem the same thing. In essence both products roll up like a shutter into a box and are used to delay and stop the spread of fire throughout a building. They are commonplace between kitchen servers and public areas where risk of fire may be high.

The difference is a fire shutter is made from a steel curtain and is for all every day use just a normal security shutter. However it has been tested to BS EN 16034:2014. This means it can last up to 4 hours in a fire depending on its rating. The fire shutter will then come down automatically if there is a fire upon receipt of a fire alarm signal.

A fire curtain is made from a fibreglass curtain. Often hidden within the reveal of a building or office, these are out of sight until the fire alarm goes off. When the curtain is activated, it creates a fire resistant barrier. This differs to a fire shutter as it offers no security and only fire protection.